Nascar vs formula 1

If op was using indy car by it's true definition (irl)then i agree like you hinted at, open wheel racing (formula 1 )however is huge in europe and elsewhere. Which one do you think is superior imo, formula 1 wins for me formula 1 cars are the epitome of engineering and motoring, rivaling the aeronotical engineering of. Many people who have a fascination with cars and racing may very well know about two names in this sports—nascar and formula 1 these two may have become such a. Torrent invites - get your free bittorrent tracker invitations. Red bull infographic: nascar sprint cup vs formula one - column five media find this pin and more on formula 1 by ldmedlin nascar sprint cup vs formula one. Get access to nascar vs formula 1 essays only from anti essays listed results 1 - 30 get studying today and get the grades you want only at.

Indy vs nascar vs f1 which is best faq a natural-born american hasn't won a formula 1 race in almost 40 years and the last natural-born american to. Montoya now races in the nascar nextel cup formula 1 drivers are convinced that they're so much better than anyone else, montoya told the times. If you’re looking to visit one of the world’s premiere racing events, which one should you choose that’s a common question for those that have just been. Here are the differences between f1 and indycar at the differences between f1 and super formula motorsport alfa romeo is coming back to formula 1.

While watching top gear (uk version), they did a segment on nascar vs formula 1 racing and they're right about one thing, there is a vast universe of difference. Nascar vs indycar vs formula one which is the best the driver magazine goes 1-on-1 with juan pablo montoya, danica patrick, rubens barrichello and ryan hunter.

Piston engine technology - comparing nascar cup engines to formula one engines - article from race engine technology magazine. Lets take indy from the nascar nextel cup series and formula 1 f1 vs nascar who is fastest around the track and turns f1 did the track at 1 min 34 sec. (nascar vs formula 1 infographic) here are five things you need to know about f1 compared with nascar: 1) formula one is a sprint nascar is a marathon the abu dhabi.

Nascar vs formula one when you have two immensely popular racing circuits as diverse as nascar and formula one, there is no doubt that you will see differences of. With nascar off this week, we pit the sprint cup against the verizon indycar series to see which league has the edge. Nascar, the most popular racing series in the us, has very little in common with the most popular racing series on the planet, formula 1 nascar circuits a. Some interesting facts from the supreme speeds of nascar formula 1 vs formula 2 – comparison and facts versus.

Nascar vs formula 1

Which is better to watch which cars go faster and if one is faster then the other then why watch the inferior which makes more money.

In truth it would be hard to imagine two racing series that are more different than nascar and formula 1 formula 1 racing is the epitome of high tech, the cars. Yes, formula 1 is better than nascar formula 1 is better than nascar because it is not dependent on large, sometimes deadly wrecks to keep its viewers entertained. Nascar would be so much cooler (read: less lame) if they raced on formula 1 tracks oval tracks are a snoozefest. Is there any video out there showing this i know a indy car could smoke a stock car but i was wondering about a f1 car but the stock cant have a. When it comes to transatlantic battle between formula one (with european roots) versus nascar (national association for stock car auto racing, made in us.

When it comes to formula one versus nascar, you can be as rude as you like about the other side many people are - and you know what they say f1 is dull nobody. Our analysis of nascar race car and formula one car we prefer the formula one car find out why. Nascar vs formula 1 page 2 of 3 (1, 2, 3) lol ya put a number on the side of a lawn mower and i`ll watch it race and yep, it takes skill to drive anything. Nascar -vs- nhra on saturday, may 8th, four of nascar's top winston cup drivers will test their abilities on the 1/4 mile drag strip at national trail raceway for.

nascar vs formula 1 My son thinks nascar is faster, my husband thinks formula 1 is faster. nascar vs formula 1 My son thinks nascar is faster, my husband thinks formula 1 is faster. nascar vs formula 1 My son thinks nascar is faster, my husband thinks formula 1 is faster.
Nascar vs formula 1
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